Things dog trainers do with their dogs every day

Ever wonder what dog trainers do with their dogs every day? A trainer’s dog is their business card. How their dog behaves speaks much louder than anything they post on a web page or may speak. I asked several trainers what they do every day with their dogs and they all said almost exactly the same things. Many trainers have more than one dog. One is frequently a demo dog (this is the dog that goes to class and seems so very well behaved) and they often will also take on dogs with more behavioral issues (because they feel up to the challenge). Consistent daily routines are the key to well adjusted pets.

  1. Walks — Trainers walk their dogs. Most spend time on-leash. Many work off-leash as well. Trainers realize that there is a huge difference between letting a dog run around the backyard versus taking the dog on a walk. Walks are bonding and training opportunities. They incorporate sniff and focus exercises, heel, and loose leash walking. Walks are also used to desensitize reactive dogs.
  2. Training — Trainers train every day. Most only spend 5–10 minutes of formal training per day. But, that doesn’t mean that the dogs can do whatever they want the rest of the day. Training opportunities present themselves all day. Using the commands during daily life is why we train after all. Most dogs enjoy learning and training for short periods of time.
  3. Socializing — Trainers take their dogs as many safe places as possible. They go to class, run errands, visit family, and many go to dog parks a couple times a week.
  4. Play — Trainers play with their dogs every day. Play is fun and another opportunity to learn for dogs. Agility, flirt poles, nose work, fetch, tug, puzzles, and games like hide and seek all teach different things. Play is also another enjoyable way to bond with your dog.

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