In case of fire, do this for yourself and your pets…


Do you ever worry about your pets being caught in a house fire? Here are a few ways to be more prepared in case a home fire:

  •  Have leashes by the door and spares by crates. Many people are afraid to leave pets in a crate while they are away from home because they worry about a pet being trapped during a fire. During a fire, animals often hide under beds and are too terrified to try to escape. Their chances of being rescued are actually greatly improved by being crated when you are not home. Place crates near windows or doors to make rescuing pets faster and easier. Let your neighbors know that you have pets.
  • Also put a sticker on your doors and on the window nearest the crates location stating that you have pets that need saving in case of fire. It will be much quicker if the animals are easy to find. Sometimes there is not a lot of time.
  • Always have your pet wear a tag with your information clearly stated and also micro-chip your pets in case they lose their collars during the disaster.
  • Desensitize your pets to noise, other people and other dogs. This is especially true when you are dealing with rushing crowds of frightened people, sirens, flashing lights, and other pets.
  • Have first-aid kit, bowls, dog and people food and a few gallons of water for both you and your pet near the door and in your car. In the summertime, the car can get really hot and heat up plastic  to levels that will leach into water so make sure the bottles are BPA free.
  • Keep a copy of important personal documents handy near exits in a grab and go  folder with originals in a  fire-proof box in addition to veterinary records for pets.
  • Make sure to have flashlights with good batteries in your car.
  • Teach dogs that the car is a safe place to relax. It provides separation from crowds and emergency vehicles if the commotion is just too overwhelming for your pet.
  • Teach a good heel. You don’t want to worry about losing your pet during a disaster. Teaching a good heel and recall can save your pet’s life.
  • I also keep a small sleeping bag, tent, and camp axe in my trunk. I also always have a gym bag with spare clothes in my trunk.
  • Keep you cellphone charged and keep a charger in your car.
  • Never let your gas tank go below half empty in case of emergency evacuation.
  • Always have some cash on hand hidden away.
  • Oh and I almost forgot, keep some decent clothes nearby if you sleep in the buff.  Have some shoes near your bed too.  You don’t want to run out of a burning house with little or  nothing on!

Home fires are devastating.  Being prepared will not undo the loss of a home or personal belongings.  Hopefully, it can help save lives.




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